Mail sent to Topeka will be “Return to Sender” for month of March.

You may, or may not, have heard about Google going around, tantalizing people all over the US with super-fast free internet for some sort of testing. I tend to think they are attempting to dig a little further into everyone’s lives… As if Gmail, Docs and gCal aren’t enough – they also want direct reporting of every website we visit.

Anyway, Topeka goes all Madison Ave, and tries a big push to draw attention to themselves. For the month of March, Topkea is GONE! They are now “Google, Kansas.” Hey – nice attempt at drawing some press on such a move. At least, until Google sues you for copyright infringement.

Of course, if Google promised free super-fast internet… I’d probably change my last name, my first name, and even name my first child Google if that was the price of admission.

I wonder how the Post Office feels about this….