Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

The Fisher King, 1991 (dir. Terry Gilliam)

SYNOPSIS: Bridges plays yet another guy named Jack. He was a DJ until one of his fans got the crazy and shot up a restaurant made entirely out of smashing glass and screaming. Perry (Williams) was eating there with his wife but he doesn’t remember this (repressed memory of brain-matter in mouth) so instead he pretends to be a knight in search of the Holy Grail. Perry plays this fantasy out by becoming a hobo and stalking Honey Bunny. Meanwhile, DJ Jack is out of work, sporting dubious hair and has shacked up with video store mogul Mercedes Ruehl and is trying to help Perry on his grail quest. As you probably predicted, everyone eventually goes on a double date. Huh? Yep. And the whole sequence is funny and romantic and heartbreaking.

FILM: 10/10

BRIDGES: 10/10

BOTTOM LINE: The Fisher King:Jeff Bridges::Rainman:Tom Cruise

I saw this movie during my freshman year in San Antonio. I went to the theater at the riverwalk after having all you can eat tacos. This drawing was supposed to be of Bridges advising Williams before the big date but I went over Bridges’ face too much so he’s basically wearing a gimp mask. I don’t know what’s going on with the lack of hands.