So, seriously Marvel? Jim as Captain America?

I don’t even know if this is 100% confirmed yet… But the mere hint of this is making my stomach churn. What was it Marvel? Was it his brilliant performance in “Leatherheads” that made you take a look at him? Oh, I know, maybe it’s the way he…. Well fuck. I have absolutely no idea what other movie this dude has been in… Oh wait, that one really important indie thing with Maya Rudolph all preggers… That one. Yeah.

But Steve Rodgers? This guy? Who knows, I could be eating my words in 2 years, or whenever the hell this project gets done, but for right now, I like playing the skeptic who sits back, arms crossed and shaking my head, “No.”

Prove me wrong. The burden of proof is now upon YOU. Because I will not pay to see this:

Thanks HijiNKS Ensue for the crystallization of my angst.