Admiral Ackbar to get all plushy and jump on trampolines, make out with cheerleaders.

I never thought I would catch myself saying this, but, as reported by TMZ, Admiral Ackbar is inching his way towards becoming the mascot of Ole Miss.

Let me repeat that. Admiral Ackbar, the head squid in charge of the Rebel Alliance, is about to begin a new career after his military service as a big, plushy dude who runs around groping cheerleaders and shooting t-shirts from cannons. Probably the best deal a military man (squid) could ask for.

As a geek, and lover of all things Star Wars – I couldn’t be happier about this. Is it a bit? Sure. Is it gonna happen – well, I guess they would need Lucas’ approval on this, but honestly, no. Would it be super-hot and would I tell all my nieces and nephews to apply there when they became of age – abso-fucking-lutely. As Sandy said in an email thread, “Let’s become commuter students so we can vote on the mascot.”

However, the best suggestion came from Adam while discussing this: “Ole Miss should change their motto to the Latin translation of ‘It’s a trap!'”

Is Est Dolus!

We’ll be sure to keep up with TMZ on this one, so near and dear to our hearts…