So Jewel-Osco is downsizing…

According to Tribune/

Tribune staff report | Jewel Osco, the Chicago area’s largest grocery chain, will shed 110 store management jobs in an effort to be more competitive.

Jewel has traditionally operated its stores with two managers, one for the Jewel food business, the other for the Osco pharmacy operation. Going forward, the company will have just one manager for each store, leading to 110 lost store director jobs, the company said in a statement.

All of those who are laid off will receive a severance package.

Wow. 110 Store Directors (funny, they call them Store Managers on the placard with the photo as I walk into the store) are going to be gone. They say it’s because of the economy – I happen to think it’s because the General Store Merchandise Managers are douches. Don’t believe me – check out this documentary: