This is why Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li sucks.

I’ve been ragging on Street Fighter for a week now. Here’s why.

Ok, there are a billion reasons. Or, at least 99 of them. Each minute of this movie is like stabbing your private parts with a dull butter knife. Repeatedly. And yet… I watched it. Hoping, against hope, that this would all of a sudden, turn good. I figured, “Hey, this is STREET FIGHTER! I freakin’ grew up with this game…

I thought they would have learned from their mistakes with the Jean-Claude (seriously, Raul Julia as Bison?!) And they put Kristin Kreuk in the movie. She’s a little cutie. And Moon Bloodgood – who’s breasts we almost saw in Terminator:Salvation. I’ll watch either of them kick ass any day…. As proven by my ability to sit through THIS. *Sigh* Chris Klein – not that I ever liked you persay… but who, WHO, told you that this style of acting is “ok”. After watching this, I get the feeling that there wasn’t so much a “director” on this film then a guy who managed traffic. And not so much a “writer” as someone who scribbled notes before falling asleep each night…
This movie blows. Save your time and money.