Did you SEE Lost last night?

This show is on FIRE. Sure, last week’s was kind of a bust. Apparently we all loved Juliet and needed to mourn her passing… to “V” – so we did. And, quite honestly, I love new-Kate vs. old-Kate. old-Kate is just so… angsty – and tries to motivate herself with issues for others, but it’s such a veil for her own insecurities… new-Kate on the otherhand is just into herself… until it comes to Claire/Aaron. But otherwise, pretty kick ass.

Enough about that crap, let’s get into the serious topics of last night’s show. Let’s start with the single best moment in all seasons of Lost ever:

  • I think right about now, Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) is my favorite character on this show. He gets the best lines, is intertwined now with the island, and yet, is somehow outside of it as well. From the moment he looks at Jack and says, “We aren’t going to Guam, are we?” to this – by far – the coolest guy. LOST has done the one thing that has been needed – and that is, adding someone to be MY perspective. Case in point:

    Just click play, I already have it cued up
  • So beyond that – here’s my theory on the end of the show. Last scene of LOST is going to be…. [insert drum roll] a shot of Jack and Sawyer sitting on the beach with a ship approaching them. BOOM. There you have it, mark it down – it makes the most sense. Sawyer is obviously becoming Jacob – with his insistence of not leaving the island, not wanting to return to the real world and being blonde. Jack is clearly the smoke monster, as the smoke monster last night started to actually reveal himself to be “Jack” of this episode with the insistence of yelling, “You can’t tell me what to do.” The others in the temple have invited the next generation of Smoke Monster INSIDE THEIR WALLS. And they are both dark-haired.
  • And let’s face it – Hugo kicks ass no matter what timeline he’s in. Whether Island-Present or Alt – he gets on people’s good side, and is just a stand-up kinda guy. Let’s here it for Reyes.
  • Not a big fan of the explanation of the numbers… “Jacob has a thing for numbers.” – but let’s face it guys – that is ALL we are going to get about that.
  • Why wasn’t Kate’s name on the wall? She was visited by Jacob just like everyone else, so she should have been represented by the numbers… What IS her deal already?
  • My brother-in-law had the best call… “Sawyer has a bit of Kid Rock in him.” Very true. Very true, indeed. Now we just need him to hum a little “Bawitdaba” during a jungle walk.
  • Sawyer is a learned-man. Telling the story of “Of Mice and Men” Twitter-style. 140 words or less, ending with a gun pointed at Flocke’s head. Nice.
  • I get it alt-World. Everyone from the flight is destined to interact with each other. However, I’m beginning to get insulted with the “isn’t it CRAZY that Ben is a European History Teacher?!?!?! LOL LMFAO!! ;)” Guys – this had better have a payoff, or I’m gonna get pissed that we’re spending this much time off the Island-Present.