Obama Fixed the Superbowl for New Orleans

Hey folks, Fred the Tuckpointer here with a some opinions and the God’s Honest Truth about what’s rotten in this country.  I’m just so angry nowadays, at how our great country is being destroyed by the criminal “president”, B. Hussein Obama.  There’s so much that he’s ruined.

Like the Superbowl.  The greatest of American sports traditions.  For those of you living under a rock, this year’s title game was between Indianapolis and…New Orleans.  Now,  when George W. Bush was president a hurricane named Katrina formed.  Lots of hurricanes form for different Presidents.  Dumb luck would have it, this one flooded and destroyed much of New Orleans.  I still don’t get how that was Bush’s fault.  But somehow it was.  Believe me, if Bush could have pissed that hurricane away, he would have.  Hell, I would have held his dick for him.   Anyway, according to the Liberal Media its all Bush’s fault, blah blah, slow response and disjointed effort, horse trader running FEMA blah blah blah.

So Obama gets elected, and you better believe the very first thing he was going to do was take revenge on Bush for all the Liberals out there.  Conservatism had been winning the day, and it was only after Acorn cheated and stole 10 million votes that Obama barely squeaked in.  But he won, so now he had  to make Bush look stupid.  How?  By making it so that the New Orleans Saints would go to and win the Superbowl.

Here’s a pic of Obama signaling for a two point conversion by the Saints in the 2nd half to be “good”.  As in, go to the replay booth and overturn the call against the Colts!

Don’t look at me that way.  The President in this country has awesome powers, and on top of that Obama controls the Liberal Media.  And the Liberal Media makes all the bad things in this country possible, like Katie Couric.  So Obama likely made a few phone calls and threatened some people.  Next thing you know, honest conservatives like Kurt Warner and Bret Favre were taking dives in front of the Saints in the playoffs.  Then in the big game, Peyton Manning suddenly falls apart and throws a game ending “interception”.  I was watching it at Johnny’s downtown and smelled a rat.  You could see how nervous Manning was.  Wanna bet it was because he knew Obama would have his wife and children “removed”, if he didn’t throw that pick?  How else do you explain the best football player in the league making a mistake like that?

The reason was so obvious.  Now that New Orleans has won the “world championship” and everyone there is happy, they think Obama is a better president than Bush.  Do the math with me:  Bush = Katrina and massive death.  Obama = Saints win the Super Bowl.   Well, thanks a lot “Mr President”.  You’ve destroyed the integrity of yet another American institution with your wild liberal socialist lust for revenge.   Well, enjoy it while you can.  There’s a tuckpointer or two here in the great USA that is on to you, and we’re not going to stand for it.  Next year, the Browns are going to win it all and no socialist agenda will be able to stop them.  We’ve got God on our side.

Till then, Fred the Tuckpointer signing off.