Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)

The Men Who Stare at Goats, 2008 (dir. Grant Heslov)

SYNOPSIS: In honor of Jeff Bridges being nominated for a film I have yet to see, I offer a drawing of another film I have yet to see. From what I can gather from the trailer George Clooney plays someone in a Coen Brothers movie who got lost on the set of Three Kings with the kid from Almost Famous. The Big Lebowski plays the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. I think Lex Luthor plays Private Pyle.

I hear Bridges is barely in this film which automatically makes it less good. The main reason I still want to see it is because of this IMDB list of plot keywords:



BOTTOM LINE: 1) All Jeff Bridges films are redeemed by his involvement. 2) We have all seen a Jeff Bridges film. 3) Therefore we are all redeemed by Jeff Bridges.