Someone Please List all the Hidden Meanings [LOST – OMFG!]

I remember a few years ago, I was REALLY excited for the new season of 24. It was the one in which they killed President Palmer. And everyone else. Then I watched that season, and was pretty satisfied. It was a good season of TV. However, since then, I’ve been severely disappointed. Disappointed to the point, where I watched 90 minutes of the premiere, then stopped. Cold turkey. Not even doing the DVR thing anymore on it. F-You Jack Bauer. You should be dead.

But now, there’s LOST. A show that has promised me an ending. Promised me that this IS, in fact, the end. And much like I watched every last episode of Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show – and was very happy with the product I received in the last week, I will watch every single last moment of the last season of LOST.

It appears that Brazil also loves LOST. They published this 2-Page poster in some magazine or another to promote the final season. Ummm – wow. I kinda ran out of time – can someone go through this with a fine tooth comb for me, and just put a comment on what all of the insinuations and such are? Like…. who/what is Jacob? Or…. How much more Dharma food can there really be on this island? Or… How come Hurley has not lost ANY weight since landing on the island? Just curious if the answers to ANY of those questions are hidden in the Hieronymous Bosch-inspired artwork here…