Why is it that shows get REALLY good when they know they are cancelled?

I guess it’s that freedom of “Welp. I don’t give a fuck.”

And if you haven’t been watching Conan, then you are truly missing out. The venom and (justified) disregard he has for NBC is… nothing short of awesome. Last night, a good friend that NBC commanded not make an appearance.

It was great to see Masturbating Bear one last time…

And even though I can’t find a clip to post hereHe also turned a Bugatti Veyron into a mouse as a new character, and played a bit of Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” as underscore. Total cost of the bit? $1.5MM. Along with that came the pledge that Conan will continue to create the most expensive bits possible from here until his official end.

Here’s the bit:
[flv width=”480″ height=”360″]http://www.schadenfreude.net/FLV/Conan_ExpensiveBit.flv[/flv]
[Thanks Joel!]

Ah. That’s the sound of a man who has finally said, “Fuck you.”