Avatar Kills!

Not only in box office revenue, but also the population. In scanning though headlines today, Avatar – the biggest movie in the history of movies ever not to be outdone until the next James Cameron movie – has been identified as a cause of death.

Killed him dead. Apparently, a 42-year-old Taiwanese man (who, to be honest, has had a history of high blood pressure) saw the movie, in IMAX 3D, was so blown away by the experience, that he went unconscious. He was then rushed to the hospital, and died 11 days later.

What does this mean? Will 3D movies need some sort of “label” or “warning”? Will you need to pass a physical before being allowed to see the movie? And who is to blame? Did James Cameron know his movie was SOOOO exciting that it MIGHT cause someone to die? Was there a memo? Is there a paper trail? Could someone sue James Cameron?

I think I smell a Law & Order episode plot here…