Don’t Let Illionis Politics Get LOST!

LostLogo_v2Round these parts, we’re LOST fans. Sad thing is, we’re also fans of Illinois politics. Anyone who’s been to our shows, or seen the videos knows we owe much of our career to the Kings and Queens of this state for an endless supply of bits to make fun of.

But what is one to do now?

Turns out the Illinois Primary is the SAME NIGHT as the Season Premiere of LOST. You know, the FINAL SEASON?!

I mean hell, President Obama even had enough sense to move his State of the Union Address. And he’s the President. If you think the State of Illinois can come CLOSE to beating LOST in the ratings, you’ve got another thing coming. The last time IL attempted to steal some ratings was when Patty Blago wanted to get OFF the island. After that heartfelt speech to witch Janice Dickinson – everyone pretty much agreed – get her off the island.

But now…. Now we WANT to be on the island. I need to pay attention to IL politics, but I more need to know what the hell happened to Juliet and the bomb. And who is Jacob’s enemy, and why did he always want to kill Jacob, and, maybe once and for all, what the F^&^$% doe those numbers mean?

TEMP-Image_1_20Perhaps the only good thing is, I realized that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I didn’t quite understand what all the protesters around here were about (I was expecting more Right Wing Healthcare BS, or something about the Iranian Elections… still) but instead, after getting a close up shot, I realized that hey – there is actually a MOVEMENT to move the IL Primary. Now, I have no idea if it’s possible, and I can’t find anything about these guys, but I tell you what, if they want my time or money – they GOT IT. So, I, for one, will stand behind DLIGL – and support their movement. If it’s good enough for the President, it SHOULD be good enough for Illinois.

[Note to whoever it is running DLIGL – I would suggest changing the tag to “Don’t Let Illinois Politics Get Lost” – otherwise it sounds like you are trying to block IL from getting the show in the first place….]