C’Mon, If you’re gonna steal, at least steal the joke.

Big surprise, there’s political upheaval in Illinois. Everyone smells the blood in the water and wants to get in on the game. So some dude sees our brilliant parody of Judy Baar, and figures:

Hey! My grandkids bought me a shiny new iMac for Christmas, and I got this thing called iMovie! I’m gonna make a video!

Now, I’m not necessarily slamming him for TAKING the material (that would be a little of the pot calling the kettle black…) I AM concerned with the fact that he doesn’t even steal the GOOD stuff. This cut makes us look like hacks. While, in reality, we are a force of genius parody with on-point jokes that resonate with the audience.

Unsure? Check out the original.

I mean C’MON.