Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)


The Fabulous Baker Boys, 1989 (dir. Steve “Muggle” Kloves)

SYNOPSIS: Jeff Bridges plays another guy named Jack and Beau Bridges plays his brother but instead of sharing an awesome dad like in real life, they play music. I didn’t remember a whole lot about this film at first and then I went to IMDB where John Vogel cleared it all up:

Frank and Jack Baker are professional musicians who play small clubs. They play smaltzy music and have never needed a day job. Times are changing and dates are becoming more difficult to get so they interview female singers. They finally decide on Susie Diamond, a former ‘escort’ who needs some refinement, but the act begins to take off again. While the act is now successful, both Frank and Jack have problems with their life on the road. Susie becomes the agent that makes them re-evaluate where they are going, and how honest they have been with each other. Written by John Vogel {jlvogel [at] comcast [dot] net}

Thanks John Vogel! But that doesn’t sound right. First of all, ‘smaltzy’? That’s racist, John. ‘Times are changing’? The world is not your race war, John Vogel! And I don’t remember Catwoman playing a former ‘escort’ who becomes an ‘agent’ of change. I remember her playing a really good singer who effs the shinola outta Starman. I suppose you could call their act a success but I was never clear about who was coming out to see them play music from 1904. One song uses “Whoopee” like the Newlywed Game does sometimes.

FILM: 7/10

BRIDGES: 9/10 (he basically wears a tux, plays a piano and and sleeps with Ladyhawke for ninety minutes so this is as close as I’ll ever get to my Bridges-as-Batman wish)

BOTTOM LINE: Last Picture Show > The Fabulous Baker Boys > Texasville

I remember really liking the film alot at the time. The scene above made me laugh. But now I can barely remember anything about the movie, so I left their faces off. Lettering kind of blows so I might fill it in with another color.