Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)


Jagged Edge, 1985 (dir. Richard “It’s a trap!“Marquand)

SYNOPSIS: Jeff Bridges (still in wax-face/Starman mode)probably murdered his wife. But Glenn Close defends him because she thinks with her vagina. At least that’s what Robert Loggia says. This just goes to show that a typewriter with an offset letter introduced in the first act will be found under a sweater in a closest in the third act.

FILM: 6/10


BOTTOM LINE: Winter Kills>Jagged Edge>Arlington Road

Manhunter and The Big Easy were released around the same time and together with Jagged Edge they form a trifecta of films that have gotten absolutely rotten with age. Jeff Bridges gives good creep here and I wish he’d make a film with David Lynch already. I also really enjoy the bad-ass knife I stuck down the middle but Glenn Close looks dumb.