This December, I will be at Avatar.

james-cameron-avatar-samWe all know that James Cameron has been working on Avatar for years and years and that “technology had to catch-up with his idea” and let’s be honest, the first trailer looked like a combination of Matrix Revolutions meets that one glowy planet from Sith. But you know what? James Cameron has given me a good reason to trust him. Actually, six good reasons — all movies that I don’t need to list. And now that they got their act together and made a better trailer, I can safely say that  Avatar looks like a wintertime cinematic blowout. I’m gonna see it at that huge theater at MuviCo with a few beers and free popcorn.  No big deal.  This movie has the new guy from Terminator 4 and Sigourney Weaver and a redux of Weyland-Yutani and futuristic Marines led by a dude with a bunch of scars on his head. Green light.  Plus the second trailer starts out with the soundtrack from The Island so you know the producers’ heads are in the right spot. See you there. Free parking.