2-Second Movie Review: “Iceman”

iceman_lSo here’s the deal on 1983’s “Iceman” — it seems like it was either inspired by or developed at the same time as “The Thing.” Scientists at the edge of the earth discover a big block of ice and instead of the Thing, it’s a cro-magnon who was flash frozen, and he basically secreted this enzyme that saved his tissue from crystallizing so he’s able to be thawed out and brought back to life. This movie is loaded with faves like the principal from “Back to the Future” and David Strathairn and Lindsay Crouse (who also played a scientist in “The Arrival”) and DANNY GLOVER in a supporting role and it stars Timothy Hutton as an anthropologist who learns the Iceman’s language and communicates him and tries to save him from being torn apart and studied by the scientists. Lots of seemingly-improvised moments in the labs that seem like they were trying to make this movie feel like “Close Encounters.” It’s super slow and you can probably watch the preview on YouTube or something watch “The Thing” again instead. So consider yourself a little better informed now that you know the basic scoop on “Iceman.”