“V” controversial, says Trib

115949_groupr6_pre-400x500Far be it from me to question any news outlet that says that the new “V” on ABC is going to kick ass — but this morning’s article in the Trib may be taking things a bit too far. It basically says that the new “V,” which I can safely report completely kicked ass (as expected), is an overarching metaphor for the Obama administration. Come on. It’s about lizard aliens that come to earth from outer space and run around with Juliette from “Lost” and, if they cast future episodes correctly, Jin and Sawyer and Daniel Farraday. Though I appreciate the Trib’s prediction that “V” will be one of the most popular shows of the season (which it will), I’m not really sure that it’ll be controversial (unless you count threads on Schad.net about the proper uses of Michael Ironside). Looking back, I guess the only similarity would be the leader Anna’s insistence on the guy from “Party of Five” to give a positive interview and paint the visitors in a positive light. Maybe that’s what struck such a note to cause this Trib article. The hands-down greatest moment in the pilot was when one of the obligatory NYC “on the street” TV reports featured two guys talking about how the Visitors arriving is “The real Independence Day” only to be corrected by the other guy who said that “Independence Day was basically a copy off of other earlier movies,” which if you think about it was referring to the original “V.” TV sci-fi remakes referencing the originals win huge points, just like the original cylons and spaceships sitting in an old museum in the pilot for the new BSG. Top marks to “V” and memo to Trib: don’t be afraid to write a column that basically just says the show is hot. No need to poke around for controversy.  It’s lizard aliens coming down from space, and the bottoms of those motherships turn into big TV screens. Sold.