Tonight, the Visitors appear

v_lWhen I think of “V” I think of watching it in Columbia, Missouri in 3rd grade on our crappy black and white kitchen TV (not sure why, I’m sure the other one was previously occupied with a Celtics / Lakers game or something. References.). If memory serves it came out around the same time as “Thriller” (interesting that MJ’s back in the news as well, you guys hear about that baby balcony thing?????) and I think John Marshall and I actually made toy guns similar to Mike Donovan’s gun. I love that  NBC gave us a week of something that sorta felt like Star Wars — and, like “The Day After” or “Thunderdome” gave Humanities and Ethics professors great fodder to take a week off and let everyone enjoy some pop culture before spring break. At Drake, Schad’s own Stephen Schmidt and I took an entire snow day and watched all of V in his dorm room in Herriott Hall on old Minnesota Channel 9 WGN tapes playing on a 12″ TV/VCR combo. And tonight ABC’s resurrecting the series, BSG-style, and I just can’t wait. I’m skipping the DVD purchase of Transformers 2 and am saving this on Amazon. I’m not sure who’s even in this thing, I just know it had better be super hot. I guess it has Juliette from Lost and that guy from Party of Five playing the new Mike Donovan and some lead woman playing the new version of John, which, let’s face it, is basically a redux of Hey, Look, Starbuck’s a Girl Now. They shoulda gone from broke and cast Jin and Sawyer and Ben and John Locke.  I’m serious. If ABC woulda stacked “V” with half the cast of Lost you know the entire nation would cancel plans tonight. They have those guys locked-up for years on ABC anyway, so why not throw Jin a few extra grand for running around as a guy who’s kinda like Jin on the new “V.”  I don’t know why they don’t invite me to these casting meetings.  Rereading this, I’m realizing I’m pretty inconsistent with my italics and quotes when referencing titles, but that’s okay because when Diana ate that bird in the original series, her fake claymation head was pretty inconsistent with her actual likeness. Stephe, you still got those tapes? Anyone have a VCR?