And We’re Back!

openContrary to what Google may have been telling you, we weren’t going to rip out your virtual babies, eat their virtual heads and spit out their virtual carcasses. It seems as though there are some people out there with nothing much to do but hack accounts, and exploit vulnerabilities. And I mean that in the non-sexual, purely digital, cyber way. And not in the way that I’m gonna show up on “To Catch A Predator” cyber way. I mean that someone else HIJACKED the site and put some extremely nasty stuff on it that was going to make you do things. Like in college when someone said, “Here, smoke this.” and you did. And you did things that weren’t all that cool.

But we didn’t smoke anything. But we did un-smoke it. And took all sorts of hi-tech precautions from anything like that happening again.

Everyone goes through all the trouble of marking a site with a big Scarlett Letter – but they don’t really do anything once they REMOVE the Scarlett Letter. But it has been removed, clean bill of health, no H1N1 here. We now return you to your usual time-wasting.