Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)


Starman, 1984 (dir. John Carpenter)

SYNOPSIS: An alien comes to earth and assumes the form of Marion Ravenwood‘s dead husband (Bridges). She is mostly flipping out the whole time. He is in full-on wax-face mode. Charles Martin Smith helps them elude the government and then smokes a cigar.

FILM: 10/10

BRIDGES: 10/10

BOTTOM LINE: Starman:Episode IV::Arlington Road: Star Trek V

Starman is the best. I saw it at the UA Hulen 6 behind Hulen Mall in Texas when I was 12. I cried twice during the movie. First I got a little teary shortly after Bridges first appeared. Then I blubbered for an extended period of time at the end and it lasted well into the credits. I went home and wrote Jeff Bridges a 7 page letter about how awesome he was and then I went and bought the soundtrack on cassette which eventually broke in my first car because I was probably playing the same part of side two over and over too many times. The drawing is of the theatrical poster and I like how the letters ‘m’ and ‘n’ are robot letters.