Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)



American Heart, 1992 (dir. Martin Bell) & Bad Company, 1972 (dir. Robert Benton)

SYNOPSIS (American Heart): Bridges plays Jack (for every three movies Bridges makes, he is named Jack in one of them). Jack has a problem with alcohol (he has demons) and just got out of jail. He cleans windows at a bank and meets his son, Edward “You just can’t go around killing people” Furlong. They dream of escaping to Alaska which is basically movie-speak for “they will never go to Alaska because one will die and one will be left to mourn the one who died.”

SYNOPSIS (Bad Company): A retelling of Oliver Twist as a Civil War-era Western. Bridges is the Artful Dodger and embarks on a life of crime to avoid being drafted. Some nobody plays Oliver. And Fagin is played by The Big Lebowski himself, David “Thank You for Coming Out and Giving All These Compliments” Huddleston

FILM: American Heart 5/10; Bad Company 8/10

BRIDGES: American Heart 6/10; Bad Company 9/10

BOTTOM LINE: The Last Picture Show>Bad Company>Door in the Floor>American Heart>The Contender

I saw American Heart at The Duke’s, a quaint art-house cinema in Lancaster, England. The Duke’s let you take drinks into the theater but I was not drinking during this film. Instead, a lot of ‘lads’ who got lit throughout the movie threw their beer cans at the screen about an hour in and stormed out. The image is from the movie poster, which my friend Nigel said made Bridges look “like a pedo”. This is when I learned that ‘pedo’ is the brit-slang for pedophile. Bridges’ hair rocks in this, though.

I saw Bad Company as a part of a marathon viewing of Westerns when I was in high-school. Over the course of a few weekends in the Spring of 1989, I watched about 25 Westerns with my Dad. We watched this on some Saturday morning. I remember that because my Dad made me an omelette with cheese and bacon. I ate the shit out of it during the last half of Bad Company which probably contributed to my positive opinion of the film. The image is from the VHS box art but I left off the eyes and nose because they were all shaded from his hat and I didn’t think I had a good pen for that sort of thing. Also, the text is filled in here, which makes it more awesome.