Thanks Jeff Bridges (in which I make a drawing for each of his films)


Cutter’s Way, 1981 (dir. Ivan Passer)

SYNOPSIS: Jeff Bridges (character name: Richard Bone!) is best friends with John Heard (this guy, not this guy). Heard plays Cutter – a one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed Vietnam Vet that beats his wife. When Bridges witnesses someone dumping the body of a young girl, Heard makes it his mission to expose the killer.

FILM: 6/10


BOTTOM LINE: Fat City>Cutter’s Way>Winter Kills

I rented this from Specialty Video on Broadway when I was trying to watch every John Heard movie. But the movie I rented was titled “Cutter and Bone”, which is a superior title to “Cutter’s Way”. After Cutter’s abused wife sleeps with Bridges, she says “The Richard Bone fanclub is now complete,” and that is the best line. Everyone in this movie is drunk, sleeping around or wrecking a car. This is an image of Bridges/Bone looking around a street corner at night. The gun is there to represent danger. I scrapped my first drawing of this film which featured John Heard wearing an eye-patch because he was also riding a horse and I can’t draw horses. This one doesn’t look much like Jeff Bridges. What do you think?

After the jump, a recent picture of Jeff that I found on the internet for your comparison.


I might have to have another do-over on this one.

with apologies to Jeff