Hey, Liberal Media, liberal it up a little.

ApprovalRatingsObamaIn all the columns and pages and reports and articles about how Obama’s approval rating’s dropping to a level that George Bush would’ve killed Neal for – in all the stories about how the Town Halls must be making really good points and damaging the President and showing that he doesn’t know anything and how America clearly doesn’t want Health Care – in all these reports do you remember hearing anywhere, ANYWHERE that John Boehner has a 12 percent approval rating? Do you remember the news network you were watching mentioning that the great defender’s of freedom, the minority party,  the party we depend on to stop the majority party from doing what we elected them to do – have a 17 percent approval rating? I know I’ve heard that Congress has a low approval rating, but I’ve never heard who’s truly dragging that number down. I read this a week ago and since then I’ve seen Boehner talk twice and all I can think is “Dick Cheney’s approval rating divided by two.”