Here’s what a guy in a green coat looks like!

green_hornet_set_11SPOILER – Seth Rogen wears a Green Coat.

So I’m a big Superhero guy. I like comics, but more than that I like Superhero movies. I was at Ghost Rider opening night and I’ve seen Elektra more times than most people have forgotten it was made.

But there’s something that hasn’t made sense for a long time. Back when 1989’s Batman made many teens like myself take craps in their tight-rolled Bugle Boys Hollywood got the hint, we wanted to see some Superheroes dammit. So what did they roll out in the few years that came after it? The Rocketeer, Dick Tracy, The Shadow, and The Phantom. Did their statistics somehow show that Grandpa’s were what made Batman so popular? What no Lone Ranger movie?

Not that I was complaining, the last Superhero movie prior to Batman was Superman IV, I was happy to have any. But is it just me or are the above-mentioned heroes and The Green Hornet not special in any way? I love watching the 1966 Green Hornet, but it was made before America knew how to be entertained. The concept literally is “a guy in a Green Coat stops thefts.” Substitute “Rocket” for “Green Coat” and you have The Rocketeer. Substitute “Rocket” for Purple Suit and you have Syfy’s newest tv show, The Phantom. Yes, just like the movie from the 90’s with the premise that could only be described as exotic and fascinating by an Amish guy. “A guy in a Purple suit who people thought died stops criminals who go to all the trouble of going to the jungle he lives in.” All superheroes are good for me, but I really don’t get the fascination with these old fart radio drama heroes, and Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet? Is that they weirdest career left turn you’ve heard since A League of Their Own somehow signaled to Hollywood that Geena Davis might make a good Pirate. Seth Rogen? The pot guy? I always saw him as more of a Doc Savage: Man Of Bronze type.