Oh, don’t worry about the news…

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 11.06.53 AMThe last week has been nothing but news about Chicago getting the Olympics. And while the heartbreaking report that we lost out first (FIRST?! We couldn’t even beat Tokyo???) – the real worry is what will local news and CNN report about? This has been a nice sidetrack to the Health Care debate, Afghanistan and our “recession” – but it’s time to get back to news that means something.

OR – we can just continue watching who WILL get the Olympics, and what the loss means to Chicago.

Yeah, let’s just talk about how sad we are that we lost it. Makes for easier, speculative reporting – which we love! YAY!

(Besides, it looks like, from that pic, Rio had more people out to support it. They deserve to win it. Just for the thong factor. You KNOW each of those IOC judges were promised a massage from a Rio gal. What did we bring? Oprah.)