Obama Ties Shoes; Conservatives Pissed!

There are several ways to debate issues.

1. You debate the issue. Is the Public Option socialist or not/will it get the job done or not. For example.

2. You debate how you debate the issue: Should we act like under-educated screaming lunatics at public forums, or should we behave with passion yet civility and focus on facts?

3. You just attack the President.  No matter what.

26steele.1.450The problem is that two out of these three approaches do nothing for us. Guess which two conservatives are going for these days?  And to take some responsibility here, us crazy liberals brought on approach #2. That of course was because of the actual presence of said under-educated screaming lunatics. But it’s a time waster. As is #3. The GOP specialty. The most recent is GOP Chairman Michael Steele upset over the President’s trip to Copenhagen to push for the Olympics. Mr. Steele, I don’t know if you know this, but recent advancements in technology have enabled millions of Americans to work from home. I think the President can stay on top of the healthcare debate in Europe.

There’s not enough of #1 going on. Not in any way that’s honest, at least. I have to hand it to conservatives, a term I’m using to describe the nebulously loose group of people known as 46% of the country, they really know how to make sure nothing gets done.

Funny. I don’t remember as much outrage from conservatives when Bush would “clear brush” in Texas, or when a devastated major U.S. city went unattended, or when, or when…