Polanski! – caught! Bin Landen – not so much.

USA/I submit for your attention an interesting picture. This is the picture of Roman Polanski’s victim, the woman who’s parents let her go to a private photo shoot at the house of that guy who cut Jack Nicholson’s nose off in Chinatown when she was 13.

This is not to excuse Polanski’s crime, but shit, at 13 I at least had to call home at 9 to ask my parents if I could to stay out later or spend the night at Jack Nicholson’s house with a famous Hollywood director who’s last wife had been murdered by Charles Manson.

This picture is so interesting to me because it’s Samantha Geimer looking like Meryl Streep at the premiere of a movie she’s starring in, except the movie she’s walking the red carpet for is the movie that details the story of her molestation. Should she be there? In this sort of photo?

I guess it would be stranger if Ms. Geimer hadn’t actually settled up with Polanski years previous, to the point of being comfortable enough to pose in this red carpet picture for a movie about the event that changed her life.

If you watch the fascinating documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired you’ll realize how much of the media swarm around Polanski at the time of this famous incident (which I knew nothing about) was mostly blueballs from a media who wanted the foreign weirdo Roman Polanski who makes the dark disturbing films to have killed Sharon Tate really badly, and felt they’d gotten an OJ-in-Vegas-like second chance to convict him.

Again, none of this is to forgive Polanski, I mean really, there’s not enough of-age models in L.A. dude? But, just a  little perspective  that occurred to me as I saw the same media obsession was being played out this weekend as they arrested Polanski at the Zurich Film Festival – ostensibly try find justice for the woman you see here, at peace, walking the red carpet.