Mr. President, Just Get the Flu Shot


Can we stop pretending that the President of the United States is just a regular guy? Can we just accept that the President is actually the President? Of the United States? Can we do that?

The President told CNN’s John King that the First Family will

“stand in line like everybody else” for the flu shot.

You know what Mr. President? Don’t stand in line. Go right to the front of the line and get it. You know why? Because you’re the friggin’ President of the United States. The notion that the president is just one of us needs to go away. The people that actually liked President Bush, loved that he came off like just a regular guy. I guess in his case, he was just a regular guy. Most presidents aren’t regular guys. President Obama is not a regular guy. He’s the leader of the U.S.A., the country that still determines the geopolitical and economic agenda for the rest of the world. He’s actually really important.

I don’t want you getting the flu, Mr. President. I want you healthy. Because we’re in a mess and you need to be healthy so you can govern and fix things. And you’ve already got a helicopter that takes you right to your airplane, in which you fly so you don’t have to wait at airports, and you’re followed by about 275 security guys and millions of dollars in security gear and guns – because you’re the President. So can we all just stop wanting the president to be a regular guy so he can stop doing the just-one-of-us shtick and get his damn flu shot?