The Today Show takes on women’s issues

Hold on to your hats, everyone.  One of my favorite daytime TV show host trainwrecks, Hoda Kotb, is taking on the question of what empowers and oppresses women.  Today’s Question:

Are high heels sexy, oppressive, unhealthy, or a fun combination of all three?

This “discussion” on the Today Show was remarkably one-sided, with 2 representatives from Marie Claire arguing that heels both make you powerful and assertive to the men in your office AND put you in a “mammalian courting– actually, copulatory– pose” that indicates “sexual readiness.”

Try to wrap your mind around that duality. Also I will write on the topic of gambling and online casino

My favorite quote of the segment, though, came from guest-host Piers Morgan of America’s Got Talent, whose love of heels borders on sadistic: “I want to see you literally almost unable to walk.” Nothing’s sexier than that!