Creepy guy who haunts my moleskine.

halfcycle_0001Meanwhile, creepy guy is trying too hard.

First of all, get dressed. Where’s your coat? If that’s supposed to be long underwear you’ve got on, just stop it. I don’t care what you sleep in. Do you even sleep? Because you look tired or boring or both.

Why are you upside down? You are literally the opposite of everything I want in my moleskine. Your head looks like a punching bag, hanging there. A melon plump with blood. Consider yourself warned.

And is that the motorcycle I can borrow? Because, if so? No thanks. I like my motorcycles with two wheels, two handlebars and a fuel tank. Yours looks like a relay baton and a turtle shell. Here’s your inner monologue.

Creepy Guy:

The End

Me: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz