Old Men Debate Merits Of Health Care Reform, Piss

Folks, health care will be reformed, I JUST KNOW IT! How can I be so sure? My evidence is below, in the form of a humble video offering, straight from the God of Joy. The human capacity for language is not yet expansive enough to describe the beauty contained in this quasi-pornographic town hall moviefilm, but here’s a shot.

One old guy yells at another old guy, and then they start talking about how neither one wants to pee on each other, which is the centrist position. Common ground! The arbiter of Centrism, David Brooks, has publicly argued many times that Serious people don’t pee on each other–though in private this blog has been told other stories. Look, David Brooks’ addiction to getting peed on notwithstanding, this is a serious display of how sausage (legislation) gets made, and then pees on the elderly and then the government steals their Medicare. (via Wonkette)
(All the pee talk comes at around 1:25. If anyone watches the rest of this thing and nothing else interesting happens, hahahaha.)