Happy Birthday Andrew!

Today my son Andrew turns the big 0-1.  Yep. Today.  SEPTEMBER 11th.  To all those out there who say “Whoa!” or make this face when I say his Birthday is SEPTEMBER 11th I say this –> I get it.

When is your Birthday?  Let’s say June 28th, 1975.  You can say “June 28th” or “Six, twenty-eight, seventy-five” if you are talking to your insurance company.  But if I’m talking to the insurance company  on Andrew’s behalf and I say “Nine, eleven” the exhalation of breath completely drowns out the “oh eight” that I say after “nine, eleven.”

I get it.  And eventually, so will Andrew.

I’m sure it’s how someone’s Grandpa felt when they said their Birthday was December 7th or before 2001 when someone said April 19th.

Or when someone now says their Birthday is on December 25th.  Or 4/20.  Or even July 14th.  Albeit, to a lesser degree.

We get it.  We know what happened on SEPTEMBER 11th.  It was bad.  But don’t be “that guy.”  It’s his Birthday for crying out loud.

If it helps, his due date was September 22nd.  That’s cool right?

No?  Well then, how about this.  SEPTEMBER 11th is officially named PATRIOT DAY.  So his Birthday is on PATRIOT DAY.   That’s cool, right?

No, you immediately think of the Patriot ACT don’t you?  Admit it, you just did. (I know Adam did)

Strike two.

Well think on this you artless,  base-court apple-johns.  This “Anniversary” you have to deal with Nancy Grace, Larry King, Bill O’Reilly and Shepherd Smith asking each other if “we” are truly safer, if “we” have learned anything, and hear about how easy it is for someone to get a hold of a nuke, smuggle it into the U.S. and ruin the Dow Jones.  I, on the other hand, get to buy some balloons, eat a cupcake and celebrate 365 days of being the Dad of the “smilingest” kid you’ll ever meet. How do you like that cupcake, Nancy?

Happy Birthday Andrew.  And sorry for all of these guys that you’ll meet in your life who will always say “Whoa!”

Love, Dad


Nine-Eleven-Oh Eight!