These are actual seminars planned for the Conservative “Take Back America” conference

TakeBackAmericaWell a Democrat’s in office, so America needs taking back once again.

These are actual seminars planned for the Conservative “Take Back America” conference.

How to Deal with Supremacist Judges
How to Defeat UN Attacks on Sovereignty
How to Counter The Homosexual Movement
How to Stop Feminist and Gay Attacks on the Military
How to Deal With Vote Fraud, Census, and Acorn
How to Understand Islam
How to Defend America vs. Missile Attack
How to Recognize Living Under Nazis and Communists

These Aren’t

How to Recognize Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away
How to Not Like the Music the Kids are Listening to These Days.
How to Reconcile Your Desire for Small Government With Your Desire for War, Wiretapping and Indefinite Detention Without Trial.
How to Understand That Everything Was Awesome Before the 60’s.
How the Deficit Started Last November.
How to Reconcile Your Stance on Bill Clinton’s Impeachment With Your Own Marital Infidelity.
How Military Spending Isn’t Government Economic Stimulus but Welfare Is.
How to Support the Sanctity of the Working Class Without Getting Near or Touching Them.
How to Be Afraid of Everything
How to Reconcile your Support of Citizen’s Right to Privacy in Medical Procedures With Your Desire to Overturn Roe v. Wade.
How to To Become a Licensed Plumber in Four Easy Steps.
How to Convince Your Wife to Give Up the Ass.