Just like a weirdo to bring a gun to a policy fight

AssaultrifleObama_ac556Hey Weirdo’s, real quick. We pussy liberals aren’t upset that you brought a machine gun to a Presidential Town Hall because we hate guns. We’re upset because you brought a machine gun to a Presidential Town Hall because it’s a Presidential Town Hall. I mean, there’s no coat and tie requirement, what do you want from us?

Poor crazy people, someone took their country away in six months. Because it’s possible to change a country in six months, I think that’s what I’ve learned about the speed of politics over the last 36 years. It’s super super fast.

I thought the liberals were supposed to be the emotional eternal victims constantly crying oppression and demanding a separate standard?

Glad nobody wore an anti-Bush t-shirt. Because, as we all know, that’ll get you arrested. Oh, and hey, what happened to caged-off Free Speech Zones? I’m sure Mr. AR-15 Assault Rifle would take that being shoved into one of those just as well as PeaceMoon HackeySack.

Has Health Care been discussed yet? No? Just the big shiny object in the left hand? Can we switch the topic back to how Sarah Palin’s a victim yet?

Is the way the Government will control our lives with the Public Option the same as how Republicans estimated it was going to control our lives with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Or is it more of an actual physical threat like Iraq was?  I get confused about how seriously to take you. If a wolf came every time you shouted it, it might be easier to decipher.