2-Second Movie Review: DISTRICT 9

District9ImageNo second bananas in this masterpiece, you know why? Because District 9 is full of brand new actors and non-actors and people who have no business in being in one of this summer’s best movies and that is why I LOVE THIS MOVIE and will BUY IT ON DVD the DAY IT COMES OUT. This movie is as hot as any movie I’ve seen all summer. I just loved it and can’t wait to see it again. The math would say I would love G.I. Joe but that movie looked on par with Silver Surfer so I’m gonna save the money and see this a 2nd and maybe a 3rd time. No spoilers in this post except to say that it’s reminiscent of just about every hot movie you’ve ever loved, and if you’re a big fan of V (look for the series this fall featuring Juliette from Lost!) or Independence Day or Starship Troopers or Murray in Flight of the Conchords you’ll love this textbookally perfect movie.  I’ll shoot the pig again but not the prawn.