2-Second Movie Review: PAUL BLART MALL COP

paul-blart-mall-copI like Kevin James and think that he’s, in general, a funny guy. And I’d heard great things about that Paul Blart, Mall Cop from numerous trusted sources. But you know what? I recommend you take a pass. Now, I’m a lover of movies and I love comedy featuring husky guys on segues rolling around in the mall. But for some reason this movie just didn’t ring my bell. The best part of the movie is that Kevin James’ brother plays a weird guy doing karaoke in a few scenes — and there’s another guy who plays his rival in the mall who’s pretty funny. Hadn’t seen most of the guys in this movie with the exception of the owner of one of the stores who played a second banana in Independence Day. Anyway, take a pass on this and see District 9 again or do yourself a real favor and re-watch Goodfellas on Netflix.