2-Second Movie Review: THE GOODS

the-goods-teaseSPOILER ALERT! First twenty minutes are priceless. Loved loved loved the first twenty minutes. Everyone is hilarious and I was literally giggling. But after the dinner scene where Jeremy Piven brings Burger King to the big family dinner and he meets his rival Ed Helms, I started to check-out. It is around this time that the movie starts to seem very well put together, as if you’ll say, yes, correct. This is the time that in in the movie where the best friend gives his advice. But the jokes don’t hit and are pretty played out and I’m sorry to rear this controversial subject, America, but we’re all pretty Will Ferrell’d out. Will Ferrell is great and I know it’s his production company but I’m ready for a bit of a breather. Still haven’t seen Step Brothers and I need to see it but movies like The Goods are making me wait yet another month. A few laughs but wait for Netflix and re-watch Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay. Somewhat Recommended.