Boy these guys sure hate health care

HealthCareProtest1I wouldn’t want to be a health care plan just looking to play a friendly game of pool in a bar in this town. Don’t take any dark alleys, they’ll beat the shit out of any health care plan who comes into their town talking their fancy talk.

What is it that worries me about devotees of an endtimes religion who love guns and think the illegitimate President is out to kill them? Hmmm, just can’t put my finger on it? But it just doesn’t seem like the best Hornet’s nest to put your dick into? Anything for a vote, Republicans? Anything?

The Fringe have been declaring that they’re not going to take it anymore since before there was any to take. But now, now they’re not going to take it anymore, again, some more.

I know I’m so liberal that I think seceding from the country is unpatriotic, but doesn’t it seem that killing your grandparent’s is a terrible way to get re-elected? I believe politicians are so cold and calculating about getting re-elected, that no matter how much Democrats WANTED to kill your Grandparents, I think they’d have to put that little dream to on the credenza behind the Softball trophy, because, just in terms of Election lawn signs alone – nothing rhymes with it.