“Sincerely, John Hughes” – a pretty cool story

SincerelyJohnHughesI’m one movie into my John Hughes mournfest. Can you believe that I’ve never seen a single frame of Pretty In Pink? I don’ t know how in 20 years I’ve never even seen a scene from the movie. Every single moment was brand new to me. Which was actually quite special because I got this brand new John Hughes fix from the same year as Ferris Bueller. Very pure John Hughes. My six word review is: Howard Deutch is a terrible director. Not John Hughes’ most groundbreaking script, but so many more moments would’ve been found under him I would think.

Anyway, it’s John Hughes remembrance mayhem, check out some of these articles.

Aint-It-Cool News posted this neat little story with a girl in High School who struck up a pen pal relationship with John Hughes.

And the good old folks at Slashfilm has posted a dozen unique stories from all angles of John Hughes career.

I’m off to Netflix Now, which has Career Opportunities, a film in the Hughes oeuvre that I’ve always been interested in, but never checked out. I’m in serious completist mode now.