Creepy Advertising.

I’m a huge fan of the Pre. I think it’s a revolutionary device in a world of iPhones and BlackBerrys. It provides, for the first time, a true competitor in the smartphone market for a failing carrier. (Seriously, if Sprint can’t pull this off, Verizon will be swallowing them whole in 6 months.) I was a Palm user, I was a Treo user, I eventually switched to iPhone because, well, I like iPods.

The BlackBerry ads are great – simple, I get it. It’s the image of all the “snapshots” of your life coming together with a soccer ball being the little rolly-ball in the middle and everything forms a big BlackBerry. I know when I’m seeing it what to expect if I go out and buy a BlackBerry.

The iPhone ads are even simpler. They don’t advertise the phone so much as all the stuff you can do with it. “There’s an app for that.” I get it. I buy an iPhone and I can calculate tip when I go out to eat with my cheapskate friends.

Now, I watch the Pre ads, and I get scared. I want to crawl into a corner of a dark room, and huddle myself into a tiny ball, and rock back and forth saying, “So cold…. So cold….” I just don’t get it. More importantly, I have no CLUE what this phone is, or does. (I do, but that’s because I’m a tech dork, I bet you Kate has NO CLUE what this phone does) Can anyone out there tell me WHY someone bought into this? What they expected to get out of it? And, more importantly, does this motivate you to run out to Sprint, and BUY one of these? (Creepy psycho-killer chick not included)