Netflix play-by-play

wireLife is simply too short for the hour-long drama. With the exception of Burn Notice and a peppering of Battlestar I don’t do hour-long-drama. I should be the biggest fan of Heroes, but everytime I try to watch that show it seems to be about Sylar sitting in a living room for an hour and a guy in ancient China thinking out loud. Heroes would be better if it had Adam West in spandex.

I wouldn’t even think about adding a second hour-long drama to my Netflix queue if I hadn’t heard over-and-over times 10 to the 23rd how great The Wire and Lost are. So I put them up against each other.

I rented both first discs and The Wire is winning 4-1. I’m at episode 4 of The Wire and halfway through the first episode of Lost, which I’ll admit, is pretty damn good, but The Wire is holding court. I have to wait for the next disc for The Wire to arrive, which’ll give Lost an episode or two to come back. But, will¬†The Wire disc 2 sit there until I finish¬†Lost disc 1, or will I go back to The Wire as soon as disc 2 arrives. That’ll be the clearest indicator of who might win this match. I’ll keep you posted.