Did you fall for this?

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I did. Mainly because it seemed like it would actually happen. I’ll admit it, a few Tweets, and rumor became fact – easy to joke about, and EXPECTED. I mean, really – did anyone who read this and think for a second that it might be false? In passing conversation, someone mentioned that Palin was getting divorced, and did you not say, probably out loud,

“Who didn’t see that coming?”

Does the story of her taking the kids to Montana (the great state of Montana) to start a farm and become a Senator, bidding for the Presidency in 8 years because that’s what middle- and upper-class women want. They’re ok with daughters having babies now because Sarah said it’s ok. They’re ok with single-parenting now because Sarah said it’s ok. They’re ok with stepping down when the tough gets going because to keep going was going to cost too much (economically) because Sarah said it’s ok.

What is this weird stranglehold on the ovaries of America that she has???