I need some new music!

ABBA - SOS (1975)What are the kids listening to today? I was walking into the office with my usual playlist – and realize that I hadn’t changed it for about 7 months. Quick sample:

  • Dirt off Your Shoulder / Jay-Z
  • Private Dancer / Rhymefest-We Got Action
  • Shoulda Known / Atmosphere
  • Yeah / Usher and friends
  • Universal Mind Control / Common
  • Hip Hop is Dead / Nas

Quite honestly, I don’t know if it could be any more white. On top of that, I haven’t added any music in the last 4 months…

My problem is now I listen to my iPod or Sirius – and if I’m listening to Sirius, I’m listening to Howard. I really have no outlet for new music. And quite honestly, the iTunes “Genius” – not so much. I think at one point it told me I would Kanye West because I had Kanye West in my iTunes library.

Thanks iTunes.

So – need some suggestions. If you’ve been to a Rent Party – what I play for bits/pre-show/post show is what I like. I need more of that. This is an SOS.