Creepy guy who haunts my moleskine is no Jeff Bridges.

kingkongThis is not the creepy guy who haunts my moleskine.

This is Jeff Bridges, holding a rifle, in King Kong (1976).

The creepy guy who haunts my moleskine is a dildo.

Let me explain:

About two weeks ago, I was preparing my next installment of creepy guy. I placed my sketchbook in my Epson All-In-One. Then I clicked ‘scan’. Then creepy guy (see also: dildo) broke my computer.

About half the image scanned before the light bar got stuck underneath the glass. So, to be fair, maybe it wasn’t creepy guy because most of him got scanned. Maybe it was his suck-ass motorcycle that he wants to lend you. See, this drawing featured the first glimpse of said motorcycle and the scanner bar got stuck just before going over this part of the drawing.

I tried to reboot everything. Tried to reinstall the scanner software. No luck. So then I clicked on the half-scanned image to see what was what. I got to look at creepy guy’s ugly mug for about two seconds before my hard drive failed.

There isn’t a punchline here… this isn’t funny-fun time. This actually happened. I just got my computer back and politely declined the $1200 data recovery service which would have salvaged a backlog of two dozen Good Morning pictures. I’m picking up a new scanner this weekend so creepy guy will return. Until then, all I have is a folder on a thumbdrive filled with drawings I made of Jeff Bridges from every film of his I’ve seen.

Jeff Bridges, class act. Creepy guy, dildo.