Hot or Not? (She’s Googled enough, but who the hell is she? Edition)

Ok – Adam has done a great thing to get us organic traffic from the ‘tubes, taking the hot starlet of the day, putting her name plus the words “free nude” in the title, and then writing a post about what the hell did the random visitor think he/she was going to see…

It’s great – HOWEVER – one of the drawbacks is that there are these women who I have NO CLUE who she is.

Case in point – Kristen Stewart. She’s getting a good amount of traffic, even a recent comment on the “Nude Gallery Kristen Stewart” page – but I still have no idea who she is. So, I, like all red-blooded men, Googled her. And I gotta be honest. She is not that special.

Like, I think Dakota Fanning may even be more hot than this chick – and that’s factoring in the disgusting factor of Dakota Fanning being 12. She reminds me of the watermelon faced girl that is in “Orphan” – that stupid “The Omen” rip-off movie about a female Damien. This chick reminds me of the little girl playing Damie- woops. The aforementioned orphan. Just… not hot.

Now, based off of Google – I take it she has something to do with the “Twilight” tween-vampire movie. Now, I’ve never seen that (personally, I like my vampires a little more kick-ass, like in “Blade” or “30 Days of Night”) – and I never will – so I hope she plans on retiring after all the Tweens/Moms in America see the Twilight series, and then move on to hating each other through their high school years.

So, readers, am I wrong? Is there a little bit of hot somewhere in there? Do you now find Googlers who are looking for pictures of this woman nude as disgusting as I do (seriously, I think this borders on child porn)? Vote now, or forever hold your peace.

Kristen Stewart - Hot or Not?

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