Apple – Spend a little time with iPhoto.

Last week, I got a new iPhone 3GS – and it’s pretty great. When they say the “s” is for speed, they mean it – especially in side-by-side test with the old iPhone (which I still have if anyone wants to purchase… However, if you’re looking for a new iPhone, you might as well get the 3G for $99…)

Picture 2However, with all the beauty of the 3GS, I am noticing some of the holes in Apple’s other products.

Here, iPhoto. Simply, a great application most of the time. It takes geo-location services so you can organize photos by where you were, it imports videos, AND – it has a “Faces” feature. It tries to recognize the people in your photos, and tag them in future photos that are imported. Not bad, in theory.

I just started this up, and started with Sheila and family, and then moved on to Schadenfreude. I’ve got a shit-ton pictures of everyone, and I need a way to quickly filter them out. Kate was mostly no big deal, however, when it asked me to confirm pictures of Kate, it pretty much just returned all women. Ok, I can deal with that… Kate looks like a girl.

But then, I did Sandy (control picture in upper-right), and this is what iPhoto thought were more pictures of Sandy…
Picture 1
In that group is:

  • 2 pictures of Sheila’s Grandmother (Nana)
  • 2 pictures of a college professor
  • 1 picture of Brian d’Arcy James (Kate’s brother)
  • 1 picture of me
  • 1 picture of Sheila’s dad (Paddy Roche)
  • 1 picture of Adam Witt
  • 1 picture of Connor Kalista
  • 1 picture of Sandy Marshall

Time to get to work Apple.