2-Second Movie Review: Aliens

paxtonI can accept the idea of acid-oozing face-huggers attacking the Marine Corps. What I cannot believe is that this movie stars Paul Reiser and Bill Paxton, yet is not a romantic comedy. Lost in the chaos of Alien hunting on planet LV-426 is that tender moment where Paxton, dressed in khaki pants with freshly-pressed pleats and a salmon-colored Polo shirt, takes young Newt’s hand, leads her on a walk to the end of  dock, and teachers her a life lesson. Then, she in turn, responds with a silly childish statement, that is in fact weighty and makes him think. Something like “Daddy? Why did God make crab-like aliens that try to impregnate us through our face?” Cue the Paxton’s pensive look, and the opening notes of a song by Tegan and Sara.