We Need to See Video…

35373364_a07bbefac5_oSo, while I’ve been checking in on the sites around the ‘tubes for what’s the big news coming out of San Diego, I uncovered this little gem:

Teen Wolf creator Loeb talked about the third Teen Wolf that we never saw. Back in the 1980s, Alyssa Milano was a big fan of both the Michael J. Fox movie and hockey, and tried to make a third movie that she would star in as a white wolf who played hockey. As other members of the panel admitted that they’d watch the movie, Loeb clarified “that did not happen. In case you think you just missed it, it did not happen.”

Um… REALLY? I don’t think there’s a guy out there in Schadenfreude, or who reads Schadenfreude.net who would NOT have seen that movie. Not only do we love Teen Wolf, we love Alyssa Milano. And yeah, we all know she was a fan of hockey… This poster is a joke that Adam has been trying to get on stage for about… 11 years. We almost had one printed up huge like (like 20 ft. high) for our show at the Athenaeum so many years ago…

C’mon. If you walked into a theater and saw this 20 ft. high, you’d laugh too.